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wow_togtfo's Journal

The official Home of TOGTFO - Venture Co. (U.S)
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TOGFTO - Guild on the Venture Co Server, World of Warcraft
TOGTFO is the lighthearted counterpart to Daughters of the Horde (Bronzebeard). Composed of mainly DotH alts and their friends, TOGTFO strives to provide a casual and friendly experience for all its members. If you're looking to try out PVP (player vs. player) or even try your hand at RP (role-playing), we hope you'll consider us.

Server: The Venture Co. (U.S.)
Type of Server: RP-PVP
Invite channel: /togtfo

Currently we have Lucardan as Guild Leader (President). Our Vice-Presidents (Officers) are : Milarca, Jeeves, Manyara, Arthasson, and Faerian.

As TOGTFO is a mostly family and friend oriented guild, we request that someone from DotH be able to vouch for you in order to get invited. Simply join our channel, /togfto to page an officer for an invite.


1) Please be respectful of other members. Any harassment, offensive behavior or drama will not be tolerated. You will be given one warning and if you continue, you will be removed from guild. Likewise, if you are having any problems with a guild member, do not escalate the situation, just talk to an officer or myself. Like any family, arguments and differences of opinion happen. However, mediation and communication are key components to conflict resolution. Remember that we have feelings, different life experiences and attitudes about the world. Context matters! Follow the golden rule, treat others as you'd like to be treated.

2) Participation in role-playing and PVP are not required for membership in guild. However, be respectful of others that do want to engage in those activities. This guild is here for everyone's fun and enjoyment. Make it a pleasant experience for yourself and others. :)

3) Unlike Daughters of the Horde, TOGTFO, humorously, is a co-ed guild. Males are welcome. :) However, you must get someone from DotH (or an established guild member) to vouch for you if you are an "unknown" to us. This is fairly easy.

4) Don't take things too seriously. As the guild acronym implies (if you don't get it, you will soon), we have a certain brand of humor that may be offensive to others. This is a blanket statement that guild chat may not be PC or clean at times. Deal with it. ;)

5) We will use this community exclusively for scheduling events and news notices (as well as random posts such as "omg cat ate my modem, I can't log in :( :(" ). While having a Livejournal and/or DotH membership is highly recommended, it is not required (however, you will need an account to leave comments and view friends-locked posts. That's LJ, not us). Other guilds have forums on other websites such as Guildportal or phpBB. We have ours here. If you have at the very least, INTERNET ACCESS to be able to view the Rules and keep yourself apprised (er, aware) of events and notices, that is sufficient. Please try to read the community at least occasionally so you're not out of the loop.

((I.E. Feel free to browse these entries with your SO, at the library, at the next Coldplay concert on your laptop, with your Foreign Exchange family in Bolivia. Whatever! It's here for your use and enjoyment. Read, live long...prosper, etc. However, note that if you're making a post and make it friends-locked, some members may not be able to view your entry. So just keep that in mind. :D))

6) Barring any conduct issues, your character(s) will never be removed from guild for as long as you game. Even if you never sign on again or play that character once every eight months, your character will never be removed from the guild. That character (or characters) will always have a home for as long as you choose to play WoW.